Monday, 5. February 2018 - 07:27 Uhr

How to Really Drop Weight and Be Happier

You have to change your diet. You skip breakfast, have vending machine food for lunch and then eat a huge fast food order for dinner to stop the unpleasant grumbling of your stomach. No amount of tips will help you unless you change your lifestyle.

*You must eat breakfast, even if it is just a piece of fruit.

*Lunches should be packed and include 2 fruits and a vegetable. The rest of it can be whatever you want, literally, so long as you eat the fruit and vegetables first.

*Dinners must have 1 fruit and 3 vegetables, also to be eaten first.

You can consume what ever you want, if you follow that.


Change what you put into the body and you change the body. Want to drop 5 pound a week? Stop consuming soda, of any kind, and drink water in its place. Do it for two weeks and you'll start seeing the difference. You've replaced those empty calories with something the body needs and its grateful.


This is the one people hate and with good reason. It's hard, it hurts, and it makes you sweat. To really drop weight and be happier, you need to break a sweat 4 times a week and not eat anything after 10 pm at night, or at least 2 hours before you go to bed.

Do you need to workout to break a sweat? Yes. That's the healthy part. As the weight falls off, the skin sags but working out will help tighten this ugly effect of obesity, making your skin taunt and beautiful.

Workout Routine

10 pushups

10 jumping jacks

10 situps

10 legkicks

10 chair pushups

2 minutes of jogging in place

10 lunges

This workout, if done without stopping, takes less than 10 minutes and you target the key areas. It is just enough to really get the blood moving those fat-eating proteins through your system. You'll be sweating by the end and if not, do another minute or two, until you can feel fine sheen of perspiration on your brow.

You can really drop weight and be happier by following these tips. You'll see small results within two weeks but it will snowball, meaning the results will get better the longer you do it.