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How to Really Drop Weight and Be Happier

You have to change your diet. You skip breakfast, have vending machine food for lunch and then eat a huge fast food order for dinner to stop the unpleasant grumbling of your stomach. No amount of tips will help you unless you change your lifestyle.

*You must eat breakfast, even if it is just a piece of fruit.

*Lunches should be packed and include 2 fruits and a vegetable. The rest of it can be whatever you want, literally, so long as you eat the fruit and vegetables first.

*Dinners must have 1 fruit and 3 vegetables, also to be eaten first.

You can consume what ever you want, if you follow that.


Change what you put into the body and you change the body. Want to drop 5 pound a week? Stop consuming soda, of any kind, and drink water in its place. Do it for two weeks and you'll start seeing the difference. You've replaced those empty calories with something the body needs and its grateful.


This is the one people hate and with good reason. It's hard, it hurts, and it makes you sweat. To really drop weight and be happier, you need to break a sweat 4 times a week and not eat anything after 10 pm at night, or at least 2 hours before you go to bed.

Do you need to workout to break a sweat? Yes. That's the healthy part. As the weight falls off, the skin sags but working out will help tighten this ugly effect of obesity, making your skin taunt and beautiful.

Workout Routine

10 pushups

10 jumping jacks

10 situps

10 legkicks

10 chair pushups

2 minutes of jogging in place

10 lunges

This workout, if done without stopping, takes less than 10 minutes and you target the key areas. It is just enough to really get the blood moving those fat-eating proteins through your system. You'll be sweating by the end and if not, do another minute or two, until you can feel fine sheen of perspiration on your brow.

You can really drop weight and be happier by following these tips. You'll see small results within two weeks but it will snowball, meaning the results will get better the longer you do it.



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Should You Have a Cheat Day?

It's challenging to say no to the many temptations that abound in the world of food. From doughnuts to French fries, there's always another tasty, but high-calorie, snack to test your willpower. Some people solve this problem by having a "cheat day". A cheat day is a 24-hour period where you throw aside the principles of clean eating - and eat what you want. Is a cheat day a good idea?
The Pros and Cons of Having a Cheat Day

A cheat day is a license to indulge in treats you wouldn't normally eat without guilt. This, hopefully, gets them out of your system until the next cheat day arrives. For some people a cheat day is psychologically rewarding, because it gives them something to look forward to and relieves feelings of deprivation. It's like working all week at a job and being rewarded with a carefree day of fun - only in this case the fun involves food. For some, a cheat day makes it easier to go back to clean eating.

On the other hand, for some people a cheat day is more like smoking a cigarette after they've struggled to kick the habit. Indulging in decadent treats only makes them crave more. In this case, a cheat day may cause a clean eater to "fall off the wagon" and shamefacedly go back to their bad eating habits "with pie on their face". Cheat days taken to the extreme can also cause tummy aches from overindulging. The key is to know how you respond to a cheat day.

Should You Have a Day Where You Eat What You Want?

A modified form of cheat day is a safe bet for most people. Instead of indulging in every high-calorie food you can cram into a 24-hour period, have a cheat meal instead. It's possible to throw down enough calories on a cheat day to sabotage your weight, whereas this is unlikely with a cheat meal. In fact, a cheat meal can actually shock your metabolism into working harder for you in the upcoming days. A single decadent meal will make you feel less guilty too.

Cheat Day vs. Cheat Meal: The Bottom Line?

If you can handle a cheat day without sabotaging your weight, do it, but a better option is to have a cheat meal weekly where you eat what you want. After you do, you can happily go back to clean eating.


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Weight Loss, Eating Disorders, and the Dangers

It is a common phenomenon among we humans to have a skewed and often incorrect perception of our bodies. Many professionals attribute this to an environmental, biological, developmental and/or traumatic genesis. Some people merely feel uncomfortable in their clothes while others engage in life-threatening behaviors because they are convinced, rightly or wrongly, that they need to lose weight. The external focus is on weight loss although the internal motivations are much deeper.
If you think you need a weight loss regimen, first check your body mass index (BMI) with your physician. BMI is a ratio of your height to your weight. Where you fall on the chart will indicate if you actually do need to lose some extra pounds, or if you fall within the normal range. This can be of assistance if you have a child that insists on losing weight when they look perfectly fine. If this happens, or if your child or loved one exhibits abnormal behaviors regarding food or exercise, like binging, purging or extreme exercise regimens, please help them get medical attention immediately.

The extreme behaviors surrounding weight loss can produce life-threatening results such as morbid obesity, high blood pressure, heart attack and stroke among others. These practices are so punishing on the body, the results will be felt years later. Even exercise can be abused to the point of damaging the body. People with these conditions are often obsessively afraid of gaining weight and will do anything to prevent that. Other clues to eating disorders are the comments made by the person with the condition. They will make statements that are negative and self-directed. Listen for these - they are very telling.

Almost everyone would like to experience some amount of weight loss. This can be done in a healthy and life-affirming way. Proper nutrition and exercise are the ways to make a positive change for the better. You will find that as you work your program your energy, sleep and self-perception will improve. Proper activity has a healing effect on the psyche. Extreme measures are never the answer and should never even be experimented with by anyone at any age.