Nightmares And Dreams Tell You How Your Health is

The nightmares awaken us in the middle of the night with a start, leaving us with an unpleasant sensation and, on many occasions, it is hard for us to fall asleep again, making us feel less rested and restless the next morning. , therefore, let's face the day with less energy. But, did you know that nightmares and dreams tell you how your health is?


Health problems that are detected with sleep

There are certain studies and research carried out by sleep specialists who state that having nightmares or bad dreams can be directly related to a health problem that the patient may have and that, therefore, comes to light in this type of dreams




The first claim that has been made in these investigations is that the nightmares come to cover two different fields, but at the same time very united, such as neurology, and psychiatry. In this statement they tell us that many psychiatric illnesses have to do with sleep and the formation of nightmares. It is an important fact to emphasize, that the main illness of which they speak in this report is the depressionthat strongly effect your healthy lifestyle, being more common that the people with this disorder can get to generate more number of nightmares that one that does not have it.


Among these psychological problems are people who have suffered some type of accident or trauma due to a close murder or even a rape, causing the patient to remember as if it were a movie all that he has lived and therefore, preventing the upset go away. It has been known that there is an increase in cases in which people suffering from health disease OCD, schizophrenia or any other type of neuronal disorders are also affected at bedtime, although there is no exact data yet, if the nightmares are caused by own disease or drugs.


Meaning of recurring nightmares

What happens when we have a nightmare one night? Usually nothing happens, because it is normal when something in the course of the day has worried us or we have stress for what will happen the next day, being very common when we have an exam, a job interview or someone from our family is sick.


But it has been found that when a nightmare is constantly repeated, this may come to mean something, as in some cases the appearance of some disease in us, it is very important to know the interpretation of dreams. It can be thought that this field is purely fictional and that it does not have a proven scientific value, but it has been discovered that some dreams do come to pass or to pronounce a type of illness or lack state in the organism, coming to light when we go to sleep.


How do we avoid having nightmares?

There are certain factors that can be controlled when eliminating the nightmares of our life and, therefore, improve our quality of sleep. The first thing is to determine if in the day to day there is something that worries us or that can cause your healthy lifestyle  such bad dreams , and must, therefore, solve it in some way. Sometimes we leave for later problems that we have today, waiting to be solved alone, so we recommend that in cases that are possible, deal with them and fight with them to eradicate the nightmares.


The poor diet and nightmares are also closely linked in humans and, therefore, are felt, especially when night we copious dinner where large amounts of fat, causing the body has to work harder to a few hours that what it requires is complete rest. Specialists in nutrition such as sleep and rest recommend eating at least two hours before going to bed to sleep, so that the stomach can also rest. In the same way, it is recommended that the food be very light, the one with fewer calories in the day, thus improving the quality of sleep.


With the era of mobile phones, it is becoming more normal every day, that when we go to bed, we do it with the Smartphone on our bedside table, having reviewed all the social networks and pending conversations. According to researchers, this hurts your healthy lifestyle, having to have all electronic devices at least half an hour before going to sleep.